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    Hi[edit source]

    We can talk on Discord? I'm the admin of Wiki Polandball Raras (Spanish version of Companyball Wiki) --Hispanic Empire (talk)

    Sadly no because i only trust others because it would be something feels like betrayed or something but i am only chat on whatsapp or kakaotalk ★Giovanna/Xiaochan★ (talk) 00:00, 30 December 2022 (UTC)
    Well, what I wanted to ask you is, can we add interlinks in this wiki to the Spanish and Portuguese versions? --Hispanic Empire (talk)
    Yes, i will do for adding interlanguage by contracting global interwiki admin ★Giovanna/Xiaochan★ (talk) 12:49, 31 December 2022 (UTC)
    Don't just update someone else's pages. Update my pages I created, which are on https://companyballwiki.miraheze.org/wiki/User_talk:CompanyballLover2023, because they are stubs.
    I am admin here, i just working on to make history on other pages ★Giovanna/Xiaochan★ (talk) 07:09, 4 January 2023 (UTC)
    I don't care. Don't leave my pages alone. Update them because they require more information because I can't add more. Alright?
    I just want to edit your page for other info :( or else i gonna block/ban you for it ★Giovanna/Xiaochan★ (talk) 10:54, 5 January 2023 (UTC)
    Alright, can you at least update the latest 2 pages I created: VKball and ZTEball?

    new wiki[edit source]

    Hello, i would like help creating a new type of Polandball, Schoolballs!!! There countryballs but for schools Pls help Bugattiball15 Link: https://schoolballwiki.miraheze.org/wiki/Main_Page

    Ok ★Giovanna/Xiaochan★ (talk) 00:47, 11 February 2023 (UTC)

    Hello[edit source]

    Can we become friends...

    for what? ★Giovanna/Xiaochan★ (talk) 10:08, 22 February 2023 (UTC)

    Hi there[edit source]

    Can you add more details for Polaroidball? - 2601:280:5000:D2F0:A54A:3C03:8E2B:DF54

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