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    RTVEball (Radiotelevisión Españolaball) is a Spanish Television broadcasterball.

    : Radiotelevisión Españolabola (RTVEbola)
    General information
    Reality RTVE
    Country Spain
    Personality kind, very proud, thinks about couple in general, feels classic in 1880s to 1930s and good at productions
    Preferred gender Gender Neutral by Default
    Language Spanish
    Official website https://rtve.es
    Relations and opinions
    Friends RTVAball
    France Télévisionsball
    Rádio e Televisão de Portugalball
    Serbian RTS
    Enemies Atresmediaball
    Mediaset Españaball
    EITBball (Sometimes)
    Likes It's own tv programs, news, spanish language, Acacias 38 (Best show ever that mostly gained attention, Maitino Forever), Telediario, Luz y Ainhoa (Luznhoa, Another couple that gained attention), Christmas Lottery
    Dislikes commercial breaks, people thinks Luimelia was better than Maitino/Luznhoa
    Historical information
    Date founded October 11, 1973
    Is of importants
    Can into space? Si my friends but Does Clanball does doing into space too?
    Bork RTVE RTVE
    Food Paella
    @France.tv often thinks my program who gained alot views for esta clip momento es of ripoff from Un si grand soleil because mistaken to "Claire et Juilen" than Clara y Juilo🤔
    Have you watched RTVE Series on youtube? There's mostly "wlw" content here jajaja
    — Camino from Acacias 38

    History[edit | edit source]

    Trace?[edit | edit source]

    before RTVEball was born, TVEball was born in 1956 for first broadcast of TVE (Now as La 1ball) while it's unclear if RNEball was born but likey traced to Francoist Spain's radio with unamed radio

    Birth[edit | edit source]

    RTVEball was born in 1973 as RNEball and TVEball were part of RTVE group

    Modern Days[edit | edit source]

    RTVEball was one of the few known European broadcasters to condemn and criticize the closure of Greece's state broadcaster ERTball (The fact that ERTball were temporary closed as due to debt issues)

    RTVE's programming has rising to more popular while Atresmediaball has already gained attention for Luimelia, this leading RTVE to bringing up attention by helping with indie productions

    In 2018, RTVE along with Atresmedia and Mediaset España were launched their service called LOVEStvball, This is first time since television broadcaster rivals in Spain which is some viewers what their broadcasters as their favorite

    Personality[edit | edit source]

    RTVE has known for it's television programs as leading into attention, The popular soap opera Acacias 38 has been gained attention (Such as Maite and Camino = Maitino, Which is fictional couple) as RTVE thanked it's viewers for wishing to have an new spin-off of that fictional couple

    On other hand, RTVE has produced news programs (Such as Telediario), Which is how it's viewers in Spain and the World would watch it at anytime

    RTVE loves christmas and it does playing Lotteries as thanks to sponsors

    Services[edit | edit source]

    It's services are Television (TVEball), Radio (RNEball), Internet (RTVE Playball and Playzball) and Others (Instituto RTVEball and RTVE Symphony Orchestra and Choirbrick)

    Television[edit | edit source]

    • La 1ball - Main generalist television channel
    • La 2ball - Generalist television channel with regional programming in España
    • 24 Horasball - News channel
    • Clanball - Television channel for children also it does air Eurovision, Replayed programmes from La 1 in early night time slots and others
    • Teledeporteball - Sports Channel
    • TVE Internacionalball - Global version, Airs programming from La 1 and La 2

    Radio[edit | edit source]

    Internet[edit | edit source]

    • rtve.esball - Main website for news and other stuff
    • RTVE Playball - Streaming service website
      • RTVE Play+ball - Paid streaming service in Latin Americas, Former known as RTVE Playball
    • RTVE Archiveball - Website and Youtube channel for classic contents
    • RTVE Seriesball - Youtube channel for RTVE's Programmes video clips and moments

    Others[edit | edit source]

    • Instituto RTVEball
    • RTVE Symphony Orchestra and Choirbrick

    Former[edit | edit source]

    • NO-DOball - Noticiario y Documentales (News and Documentaries) for productions during Franco-era

    Relations[edit | edit source]

    Friends[edit | edit source]

    Neutral[edit | edit source]

    • BBCcubes - Do you have an clue here or anything else to help you?
    • EITBball - I have alot of questions by that guy but ¡yuo just annoying when yo am of busy!
    • Telefónicaball - Esta one of grandchild is of annoying at Me, We both part of Spanish government-owned companies gang
    • Mediasetball - Thanks for airing my programmes on Canale 5ball but i hate its child

    Enemies[edit | edit source]

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    • RTVEball had stopped using commercial breaks since 2010, Self-promotion and sponsorships are allowed as of now.
    • In fact that RTVE has liked about it's own series since gained attention for it's some scenes.
    • Before Antena 3ball launched for national broadcaster, RTVE was the only national broadcaster in Spain.

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