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    Model Media is Neo-Nazi AV a US registered pornographic website producing films in Chinese.

    It recruits porn actors and actresses in mainland China and Taiwan.

    The content of its films is mainly inspired by the storylines of Japanese adult videos (JAVs) or well-known East Asian movies.

    Model Mediaball
    General information
    Reality Model Media
    Type Movie Production
    Country China
    Language Chinese
    Official website PLEASE DO NOT LINK IT
    Relations and opinions
    Rule 34ball
    Enemies Fine, i will go to jail for facing up
    Likes Remaking any movies into AV Version
    Dislikes Being Caught by Chinese Government
    Historical information
    Date founded 2019
    Date ended ???
    Is of importants
    Can into space? No


    The content mainly refers to the plot of Japanese AV, but due to factors such as capital cost, technical talents, shooting skills, etc.

    The overall production level is far inferior to that of Japanese AV, and it even looks embarrassing. There are also some films, series, variety shows, novels and animations, etc. which are well-known in Chinese or foreign countries

    In 2022, "Abalone's Victory" will be launched to pay tribute to Squid Game and "Parasite Dirty" will be launched to pay tribute to the Korean movie Parasite High.

    Cracking Down by Chinese Government[1]

    At the end of 2020, its APP was listed on the clean-up and removal list announced by the Cyberspace Administration of China.

    In January 2022, the Fengxian Branch of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau rushed to Guangdong, Sichuan and other provinces to destroy 3 "Model Media" teams and arrested 24 members for "producing, selling, and disseminating obscene materials"

    According to the police report, since January 2021, Sun Mou, Luo Mou and others have used Telegram and Potato software to contact the staff of Jiuyi Video and Madou Media to determine the script and remuneration, and organize the cast and crew to shoot more than 50 "obscene movies", making a profit of more than 5 million yuan and a total of more than 4 million views

    Where is Model Media now?

    Model Media is still remain as Model Media US in outside of China (Some of employees are fled to other country to avoid being caught by chinese government)


    • Although most of the actors and production team are Taiwanese, the filmmakers require them to speak in Chinese mainland accents and words and the covers, backgrounds, and embedded advertisements are also in Simplified Chinese
    • Model Media might be dead but somehow it's unlikely changed after Chinese Government arrested 24 members of model media in mainland china



    1. 此消息一出,微博網友也留言「支持依法嚴懲」、「那偷拍是不是也可以抓一下」、「這都流傳好幾年了吧,現在才抓,是因為之前金額不足嗎」、「支持打擊,這是非法的」、「50部就這麼多錢?」、「國產品牌殞落了」、「鑑定過了,裡面的場景確實在國內」、「麻豆傳媒全是拐瓜劣棗」、 (As soon as the news came out, Weibo netizens also commented, "Support severe punishment according to the law", "Can you also catch the candid filming?" Crack down, this is illegal", "So much money for 50 copies?", "Domestic brands have perished", "It has been authenticated, and the scenes inside are indeed in China", "Madou Media is all about kidnapping melons and jujubes") by Cyberspace Administration of China.
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