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    France Télévisionsball
    : France Télévisionsballe
    France Télévisions, in 4k
    France Télévisions, in 4k
    General information
    Reality France Télévisions
    Type Public television broadcaster under state-owned companyball
    Country France
    Personality Hardworked, Happy, Least lazy and Respectful
    Preferred gender It should be always Gender Neutral
    Language French
    Official website http://www.france.tv/
    Relations and opinions
    Friends Anything est c'est our friends but mostly:
    Double en France = Deux ORTF
    True Parent
    France 24cube
    Ici Téléball
    I made that classic music tv channel until Canal+ reforms into Mezzoball
    Canal+brick (Mostly)
    Enemies What's with your problem?
    GIB ME BACK MEZZO (Sometimes but when goes into brawl or strike)
    TU ES TOUJOURS A MOI (Sometimes)
    Veuillez indiquer à Orange que vous ne devriez pas être disponible (Sometimes)
    C'est Pourquoi attaqué TVPbrique? (Sometimes)
    Likes Un si grand soleil, TV5 Monde (Is of foundings them), France, soap operas, Their programming, Slam (Game Show)
    Dislikes Their programming thinks is bad or more worst, news bias
    Historical information
    Date founded 7 September 1992
    Predecessors ORTFball
    Is of importants
    Can into space? Oui, We can into space avec mon child TV5Mondeball!
    Bork France.tv France.tv
    Food la vin mdr
    France 2 and France 3 in UHD version has been granted by ARCOMball
    Mon dreams to be merged Moi, Radio Franceball et INAcube to become return of ORTFball
    Plus rien ne se fera sans vous
    — France Télévisions's Motto 2018-2022

    France Télévisionsball is the French national public television broadcaster. It is a state-owned companyball formed from the integration of the public television channels France 2ball (formerly Antenne 2ball) and France 3ball (formerly France Régions 3ball), later joined by the legally independent channels France 4ball (formerly Festivalball), France 5ball (formerly La Cinquièmeball) and France Infoball.

    History[edit | edit source]

    Before France Télévisions existed during 1975 to 1992 French radio and television was monopolized through an organization known as the ORTFball. In an effort to stimulate competition, the organization was died and later split in 1975 so that France's three television channels are TF1, Antenne 2ball, and FR3ball, would still be owned by the French government, but they operated independently from each other. However, the sale of TF1 to Bouygues in 1987 and increased competition from other new private broadcasters (such as Canal+brick and La Cinqball, the latter having been replaced by public channel La Cinquièmeball after it ceased transmissions in April 1992 as due to major "flop") led to a decline in viewership for the two remaining public channels, which lost 30% of their market share between 1987 and 1989

    The channels were saved when a single director-general was appointed to manage Antenne 2ball and FR3ball, becoming part of a joint entity known as France Télévisionball. They were renamed in 1992 as France 2ball and France 3ball, respectively.

    In August 2000, France Télévisions S.A. is formed as a holding companyball for Franceball's public television channels, absorbing control of France 2ball, France 3ball, and La Cinquièmeball (later renamed France 5ball).

    In Late 2023, France Télévisions TV Channels (France 2ball and France 3ball) has been granted by ARCOMball for TNT Free to air testing in UHD version as Preparing for Paris 2024 when France Télévisions as broadcaster in France

    Channels[edit | edit source]

    Television Programming Blocks[edit | edit source]

    Former Channels[edit | edit source]

    • France Ôball - TV Channel for France's overseas programming, It was gone as due to being viewers decline and later replaced by Cultureboxball
    • France Supervisionball - It's about music tv channel, Now as Mezzoball

    Relations[edit | edit source]

    Friends/Amis[edit | edit source]

    Neutral[edit | edit source]

    • TF1brick Me and yuo being part of ORTFball before gets splited, We both like friendship but something have bad thing that happen to me however STOP ADDING SOME TV PROGRAMS THAT ADULT CONTENT IN EARLY TIME SLOTS ALSO YUO ALWAYS MINE FOREVER HAHA
    • M6ball - I do not know if i should wanted you to help again
      • Gulliball - I used to adopt this child and now i am just happy to use when mon child Okooball just have friends with it
    • Canal+brick - We doing for film collabs by France 2 Cinema and others for Cannes or anything but sometimes We doings into hard time
    • ARDball - Je likings yuo and Saarländischer Rundfunkball and stop attacking TVPbrick
    • BBCcubes - I know it's getting an hard times nowdays
    • Mediasetball - Je relaunchings France 5 after yuor mediaset french branch for tv channel got failed mdr
    • EITBball - Look, It's not my job that us will ruined your culture en France but quoi?

    Enemies/Ennemis[edit | edit source]

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    • Before 1975, France Télévisionsball used to be part of ORTFball (Office de Radiodiffusion Télévision Françaiseball) along with Radio Franceball and TF1brick
      • ORTFball is Dissolved due to reforms by french president in 1975, However TF1brick could be successor to ORTFball because it's oldest television in France
    • France Télévisionsball have good friends with TF1brick and Radio Franceball as now due to ORTF relations
    • Delphine Ernotte was chairwomen of France Télévisionsball as today but also she is President of European Broadcasting Unionball (EBUball)

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

    Companyball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, gifs and videos of France Télévisionsball.

    Click here to see it.

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