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    : Danoneballe
    : Danonebola
    General information
    Reality Danone
    Country Spain (Founded)
    France (HQ)
    Personality calm, chill, feeling neutral
    Preferred gender Gender Neutral by default
    Language French and Spanish
    Official website danone.com
    Relations and opinions
    Friends Nestléball
    Enemies Calidad Pascualbrick
    Nestléball (Sometimes)
    Historical information
    Date founded 1919
    Is of importants
    Can into space? Non
    Bork danone danone
    Food it's products
    One Planet, One Health
    — Danone

    Danoneball is a multinational food-products corporation based in Parisball and founded in Barcelona, Spainball. It is listed on Euronext Paris where it is a component of the CAC 40 stock market index. Some of the company's products are branded Dannonball in the United Statesball.

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    • It's founder Isaac Carasso is Sephardic Jewish, and it was member of Carasso family in Ottoman Selanikball (modern Thessalonikiball, Greeceball)
    • Despite Founding in Spain, It was now mostly French companyball than Spanish companyball even it's factories in Spain exists
    Danone, Canal+, TV5Monde, Carrefour et Orangereich French Companyballs
    Food & Beverages Bel GroupballDanoneballLUblockLactalispotato (LactelballPrésidentball)
    Retail & Stores CarrefourballDecathlonbrick
    Social Media Vivendiball (Dailymotionball)
    Websites 6playballFrance.tvballMangerbouger.frballmyTF1brick
    Land and Sea Transportation Bugattipotato
    Airlines Air Franceball
    Television Channels Groupe Canal+brick (Canal+brickC8brick) • France Televisionsball (France 2ballFrance 3ballFrance 4ballFrance 5ball) • M6ballTF1brickTV5MONDEball6terball
    Newspapers Le Mondeball
    Electronics, Telecommunications and Technology OrangecubeSFRcube
    Banks, Finance, and Economy
    Hotel chains
    Health clubs
    Car rentals
    Cloting and Fashion
    Animation Xilamball
    Book Publishing Editiscube
    Video Games GameloftballUbisoftball
    Home Video Companies
    Other Companies AXAcube
    Defunct Companies Saltoball

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