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    Companyball Wiki

    The rules for this Wiki are as follows. Please read them carefully:

    General Rules

    1. Please follow Miraheze's Terms of Service and Content Policy, and do not encourage others to violate these policies.
    2. You must be 13 or older to register an account and contribute.
    3. Do not insult or bait other members of the community.
      1. This includes Hate Speech, Racial Slurs, and and other forms of prejudice.
    4. Do not be a source of drama, or bring it in from other communities (and vice versa).
    5. DO NOT MINI-MOD. This means acting like an admin or moderator even though you aren't one.
      1. If a person isn't behaving, tell the admins so they can resolve the issue and do not escalate the problem yourself.
      2. You can find current admins on the Administrators page.
    6. Do not send false reports. The admins at Polandball Wiki volunteer their time to keep things running; show it respect.
      1. This includes escalating to global Miraheze Staff because you're blocked or otherwise told off.
      2. Appeal via your talk page here or directly messaging the blocking admin, via Discord or Miraheze Meta talk page if necessary.
    7. Treat other users (including admins) with respect and be constructive in the community. If your actions are a detriment to the community despite not breaking specific rules on this page, you will face consequences.

    Editing, pages and images/media

    1. We do not support fictional companies (see Companyball Fanon), countryballs, softwareballs, or political partyballs. If you're not sure, ask.
      1. Countryballs are allowed in this wiki in comics, artworks, or images if, and only if, companyballs are in the same comic, artwork, or image as that countryball. Otherwise no, and not in full pages.
    1. Do not draw using circle and shape tools (Backgrounds are exceptions)
    1. All images uploaded to the wiki should be images related to the scope of the wiki (i.e. images of countryballs, etc.). An exception to this rule are images that are uploaded for social purposes like using them on your profile. All other images will be removed.
      1. We suggest putting images related to multiple -ball wikis on Ballmedia Commons.
    2. If you upload an image, comic, or artwork that was made by another user, give them credit.
    3. You can use any painting program that has the ability to draw countryballs, not just MS Paint (Paint.NET, Photoshop, GIMP, etc.).
    4. Do not post NSFW or NSFL content.
    5. Do not change a companyball's gender unless approved by wiki staff.
    6. Keep categories clean and free of duplication or spam.
    7. Any companyball can be added to this wiki. Exceptions;
      1. Companyballs that only have a Facebook pages are not allowed.
      2. Federal organizations are not typically allowed. (exceptions can be made; ask staff)
      3. Brands are allowed, however certain brands are not allowed. (Ex. Mario, Sonic, Pac-Man)
      4. Again, fictional companyballs are not allowed.
      5. Sports Teamballs are not allowed.
    8. Poorly drawn/low quality art will likely be deleted due to being an eyesore.
    9. If a page needs to be cleaned up, please add the "Cleanup" category.
    10. If a page has propaganda, misspelling or just has horrible formatting, please add the template.
    11. If a page contents that will change (e.g.: Triacom, Disneyball) make sure to add
    12. If a page needs to be deleted please add the template but don't remove the contents of the page unless it is extreme spam or vandalism.
      1. If a page has 5 or more templates, it is OK to have the combination template so the templates of that page are all in one expandable template. If a page has 4 or less templates, the page's templates are separate from each other and the combination template is not allowed.
      2. Please do not revert images unless an admin/mod approves it.

      Admin Rules

      1. Warnings and blocks must be given for good reason. If the issue is minor, always warn before blocking. Keep Talk Page access open unless it is abused.
      2. Assume good intentions, and remember that you're a part of the community: you cannot be a tyrant. The community may seek your removal for inappropriate, bossy or overly harsh behavior.
      3. Radical changes to the rules must be approved by the community and other admins.
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